Oscar And The Count

This web page was written and uploaded on May 5th 2010
This page was revised on June 19th 2010 to add a section describing what you could
do with any any saved video files
A further revision on March 22nd 2014 added an embedded YouTube video of the compltete 46 minute uninterrupted program
One of my most prized UK recorded video tapes is one I recorded on very first Video Cassette Recorder a Sony C5 PAL Betamax machine that like nearly all the Sony items I brought with me to the USA in 2000 failed, to be replaced by a more compact Sanyo equivalent found on Ebay UK some years later.
This particular tape was recorded the week after Count Basie died in 1984.
BBC Television as a tribute repeated an episode of a series called Oscar Peterson Words and Music from 1980 in which Oscar welcomed his guests the guitarist Joe Pass and Bill Basie. Oscar and the Count sat at two huge Bosendorfer grand pianos and reminisced and made fun of each other.
I had for a long time wanted to digitise this wonderfully entertaining 46 minute program and recently following much success finding film and video items on the internet using the Bit torrent file sharing system I searched for this broadcast never expecting to find it.But It turned up in the torrent listing of a defunct UK site

and I was able thereby to acquire the 249MB video file that is in an avi container and uses the highly compressed but very high quality

and was evidently made from another repeat showing on BBC Four television in 2008.
In googling for background info on this program I was further and pleasantly amazed that someone else had decided that it was worth adding to the huge youtube roster, although to comply with youtube running time regulations the original has been split into 5 portions each under 10 minutes. Fortunately youtube helpfully provides the HTML "embed" code for every video so I can embed the five video segments into this web page

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

At the time I discovered the 5 section set shown above there was no single complete version on YouTube, moreover at the time I had erroneously accepted that the maximum video length of either 10 minutes originally or 15 minutes later was rigid but much later after noting the large number of far longer uploaded videos I discoverd the secret to following suit. Now,four years after I first uploaded this web page. I have found that another YouTube member in 2013 uploaded a single uninterrupted 46 minute version:-

How to save these video files on your hard drive

You might like to save these files for on demand viewing or burning as a DVD etc
This is a fairly straightforwards procedure:-
  1. Visit the original youtube pages by clicking on the video title at the top of each video's display
  2. On those pages you will then see the individual addresses or URLs which were:-
    Part1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzl-zy_2jtc
    Part2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLbF3ilAJ9I
    Part3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTckOZ89Umg
    Part4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nBN5DxNt7g
    Part5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5da9k6N0Ik
  3. How to download and save ANY youtube video

    If you want to save the video on your computer there are a huge number of programs to do that and most are freeware but by far the simplest method is to add a special prefix to the URL in front of the youtube bit I now know of three such prefixes:-
  1. pwn this one links to http://deturl.com but appears to have given up combatting youtube
  2. ok this now seems to suffer from too many users so you'll have to wait in a queue
  3. kiss used to work but now would not open properly for me when I came to write this up
for example for part 1:-
insert the pwn and it becomes:-
However all of the above seem to be unreliable and moreover they have one major drawback, in addition to not working and that is that the file that would be downloaded has no specific and relative filename nor even a file extension so that it would be necessary to rename a downloaded file accordingly .
Far better in my opinion is an online working website that avoids having to install any program and best of all it will save the video file using exactly the same filename as the original as had been displayed on youtube thus obviating the need for renaming:-
The website is-
  1. paste in the youtube URL that you previously found

  2. hit the download button
  3. click run when prompted

  4. Select and click on the quality and fomat that you require

  5. Save the file to a suitable folder
I did that and as you can see the file names are as shown on the video display

So what can you now do with your saved files??

A mighty good question that depends on your viewing preferences:- The basic choice is between Alternatively there is fine program available in a freeware version