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Nevil Shute
I now consider myself fortunate to have attended a small boarding house in the 1950's in Sherborne Dorset England
At the time our main concern was with the quality/amount of "food" as "cooked" by the headmaster's daughter and the constant nagging by older boys to whom us youngsters were allocated as "fags/slaves" in an old barbaric custom then known by the term fagging.
But also our otherwise victorian-minded headmaster "(Her)Bert" {or was it (Hu)Bert??} Lush had built up a little library of books that he considered suitable for our young minds and prime items were the Heinmann issues of the novels of Nevil Shute who was at the time still writing (he died in 1960). I lapped these up and after college and emigration to Canada began collecting my own set of all 23 novels then readily available
Later still and after I met my wife Susan in an Internet chat room I moved to New Jersey and each Christmas Susan surfed the internet to try to find something Shute related for a present. In this way I received a further novel
""The Seafarers" published in 2002 and a fine biography both published by an enterprising New Jersey cocern (The Paper Tiger) plus a pair of video tapes of two filmed novels. Furthermore her eagle eye when perusing the Nevil Shute Foundation site spotted that there is a Nevil Shute Society Club chapter in Montclair New Jersey only a few miles from our home. We attended our first gathering back in February 2003 then a second in July in Bethlehem Pennsylvania The next meeting was to be a joint meeting in October at the Cape Cod home of Art Cornell (who was responsible for getting both chapters up and running)
Six of the NJ chapter ventured up to Art's and on Saturday 4th October met up with Art and his wife Joan plus the three other Cape Cod members for a very fine meeting capped by an interesting cruise around the local area.
My report on this meeting and the discussion of Nevil's book "An Old Captivity" are Report here
Also of interest is the fact that Nevil was active during the Second World War devising a range of special weapons to fight he Germans with and I have written a page about one of these the great Panjandrum as described in a BBC book
The Secret War
Links here are some links to some of the WWW sites appertaining to Nevil Shute