Tutorials and Tutorial Drafts Index
My various storage devices are littered with uncompleted projects for tutorials that I have started
but never progressed beyond the initial draft phase, because just about every day I think of
a subject for yet another tutorial but to complete a project enough for it to be uploadable to my web site
takes much time thought and effort.
Yet many of these drafts I consider contain enough narrative to make sense and be interesting and useful just as they are.
Case in point whilst preparing to start a draft for the project to compose this very page I decided that logically I should first
download the complete content of my existing tutorials folder on my web site,to transfer files I had previously used one of two FTP "client"
programs, Ipswitch's WS_FTP or FileZilla. or the FTP feature of Internet Explorer but at the time I tried not one of those
methods would work,(of course the next day both WS_FTP and FileZilla decided that the host and user names and password
that I had entered as usual were in fact valid and worked perfectly correctly). but originally only IE deigned to do anything and
showed an index page listing all the files and folders in my tutorial folder but there was no way to download those details.
I searched for confirmation of using IE but instead of fnding what I was really looking for I found the following page on a web
hosting website which is a complete illustrated tutorial and is good to go "as is":-
How To Use FTP Via Windows Explorer
that page has this initial statement:-
"Note: We are not referring to Windows Internet Explorer but the actual Windows Explorer you use to manage files on a
Windows PC. Internet Explorer once had a built in FTP client which a lot of people used, but you can NOT access FTP
through Internet Explorer anymore."
Of course since that article was written Windows 10 has arrived with Windows Explorer now renamed File Explorer. but
the method shown on that page I found certainly works in File Explorer,
because I could simply right click on the tutorials folder and select the "Copy
To Folder" option on its context menu:-

I had saved most of my recent projects in a tutorials folder named "tutorials" that I made on the 64GB flash drive to
which I have relocated my entire main desktop which (as usual) had become too cluttered to be useful any more
then by remembering and using the DOS command dir/s how.*.htm in that folder I listed no less than than 44 HTML
encoded files whose filenames begin with "How"
After editing that DOS produced list to remove duplicates etc it reduced to the following 23 titles since most of which
should be suitable for uploading after editing to my current template.I have therefore decided to upload as many of my
drafts as possible and the following listing is the resulting compilation:-
*=Previously uploaded. requires updating and templating then reuploading:-
  1. How to change the location of a folder.htm
  2. How to Setup and Use the HTMLPad Snippet Library.htm
  3. how to create images of keys for use in a web page.HTM
  4. How to move files using Send To menu in Windows 10.htm
  5. How to enhance the right click context menu's Send To option by adding a "Send To Send To" facility and then use that
    to add a program to its list of destinations.htm
  6. How to get a URL to an image.htm
  7. How to change the location of a folder.htm
  8. How to Free Create and Burn DVD by WinX DVD Author.htm
  9. How to Add Any Application Shortcut to Windows Explorer's Context Menu.htm
  10. How to Create and Benefit from Multiple User Desktops.htm
  11. How to Convert PAL DVDs to NTSC DVDs.htm
  12. How to Add OneDrive to the Send To Context Menu in Windows 7 or 8_1.htm
  13. How to add an XP Mode Virtual Machine to Windows 10 (or 8) using Hyper-V.htm
  14. How to hijack the Caps Lock key for Cut, Copy, Paste keyboard operations.htm
  15. How to use Class Attributes with CSS Style Definitions.htm
  16. how to hijack the caps-lock key for cut copy paste keyboard operations.htm
  17. How to Make Old Programs Work on Windows 10.htm
  18. How to Install Windows 3_1 in DOSBox, Set Up Drivers, and Play 16-bit Games.htm
  19. How to run a DOS program in Windows 10.htm
  20. How to save Web Page in Edge Browser.htm
  21. How to create images of keys for use in a web page.htm
  22. How Do You Create Subfolders in the Windows "Send To" Menu.htm
  23. How to Add Any Application Shortcut to Windows Explorer's Context Menu.htm
  24. In addition the following pages are on that flash drive in other folders or on U08D
  25. function.exe A "Standalone" Program Compiled From An Autohotkey Script
  26. How_To_Clear_The_Contents_Of_The_Clipboard.htm
  27. CSS Generated Custom HTML Tags Demonstration
  28. How to move files using Send To menu in Windows 10
  29. Extending The Context Menu.htm
  30. CSS Style Implementation.rtf
  31. Inline Styling of HTML tags.htm
  32. Custom tags versus a class vindication.rtf
  33. Intro to essential programs.rtf
  34. Oscar And The Count
  35. includes How to download and save ANY youtube video
  36. Longer file management page.htm
  37. CSS Style Definitions Specifics of Their Location2.htm
  38. History Of Computer Drives.htm
  39. Using CSS Style Definitions to Create HTML Tags.HTM
  40. Keytweak remapping tweaks.rtf
  41. Quick and Dirty Guides to HTML and CSS
  42. Keyboard Remapping Snippet4.rtf

Supplementary Pages Index

The following seven items are links to some other related independent pages on my website:-
(These will appear on every tutorial page including the index page)
Please take the time to read them you only need to read each one once and not necessarily
all at the same time.
There will not be a test on them either!!!)
  1. Preamble Introduction To My Tutorials
  2. Including "Why do I Write Them?"
  3. Why Uncle John?
  4. The background to my choice of brand or banner name
  5. Disclaimers and Credits
  6. The Small Print and giving Credit where it is due
  7. Useful Website Links
  8. links to websites that I use for Tutorial Information and Freeware
  9. Internet Benefactors and Malefactors
  10. My thoughts on the contrast between those whose aim is to cause mayhem on the internet (the "bad guys")
    nd those web sites and individuals who give freely to help others (the "good guys")
    (including a few pristine examples)
  11. Geek Speak and Acronyms
  12. A page on which I try to dispell the mysteries of some of the words and abbreviations used in computing
  13. Adapting to the Changes of Windows 7.8,8.1 and 10 Tutorial Suite
  14. A series of tutorials to help newcomers to Windows 7 and/or Windows 8/8.1 discover
    the new features and revert to the familiar ones of Windows XP or Vista if so desired
  1. Screenshots_Tutorial.htm*
make sureIcover F:\TUTORIAL USER\How to add a program to the Send to listing\How to enhance the right click context menu's SendTo option by adding a Send to sendto facility and then use that to add a program to its list of destinations7.htm and F:\VIDEO USER\Resizing an avi Format Video File/Resizing an avi Format Video File)_5.rtf also Ampersand arrow display demonstration The Brilliance of the HTMLPad Snippet Library .rtf