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from notes by Wayne Francis at:-
Ah yes, the legendary Soundstage Special.
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  1. Cotton Jenny 3:16 1.54MB
  2. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 6:27 2.99MB
  3. Endless Wire 4:04 1.90MB
  4. Summertime Dream 2:41 1.27MB
  5. don Quixote 4:26 2.07MB
  6. If You Could Read My Mind 3:31 1.65MB
  7. Ghosts Of Cape Horn 4:45 2.21MB
  8. beautiful 3:14 1.52MB
  9. Band Introductions0:41 367KB
  10. Hangdog Hotel Room 2:31 1.19MB
  11. Sundown 3:36 1.69MB
    At this point they broke for intermission and each band member said a few words, while in the
    background pictures and sounds from an earlier rehearsal were seen and heard.
  12. Terry Commentary.mp3 0:37 334KB
  13. Pee Wee Charles Commentary 0:45 394KB
  14. Barry Keane Commentary 0:43 376KB
  15. Rick Haynes Commentary 0:48 421KB
  16. Early Morning Rain 3:40 1.71MB
  17. Whisper My Name 3:06 1.45MB
  18. Old Dan's Records 2:43 1.28MB
  19. On The TV-High Seas 3:28 1.62MB
    And a final drop-off by the production/editing crew (overlaid by closing credits)
  20. Canadian Railroad Trilogy-Partial 3:20 1.56MB
    Total Running Time 59:10