set list for Friday May 10th 1968
Theatre Maisonneuve Place des Arts
Montreal Canada

  1. Walls
  2. Rosanna
  3. Cold hands from New York
  4. The Last Time ever I saw her Face
  5. "Pete the Piddling dog"
    the title is as I wrote it down I remember that this was a most hilarious song The punch line was something like "Pete had piddling diabetes" So this was most likely "The Piddling Pup" included in Wayne Francis' Unreleased Cover Songs list which he said ends up "Rex had piddling diabetes"
  6. Boss Man
  7. Marie Christene
  8. Black Day In July
  9. Does your Mother know
  10. Divorce Country Style
  11. Steel Rail Blues
    20 minute interval
  12. I'm Not Sayin'
  13. Softly
  14. Spin Spin
  15. The Mountains and Maryann
  16. Bitter Green
  17. The Circle Is Small.
  18. Don't Beat Me Down
  19. "diddledidum,diddledidee"
    Well that is what I wrote down
    Bear in mind that this concert was before "The Gipsy" was recorded in September 1968
    for that year's "Back Here on Earth" album
  20. Early Mornin' Rain
  21. The Auctioneer
  22. Pusywillows,Cattails
  23. Pleasures of the Land
    presumably I should have written the unreleased song "Pleasures of the night"
  24. CRT
  25. Did She Mention My Name
  26. Wherefor and Why
All in all an eclectic list which includes a number of songs
that I personally nominate for the current "out of the way" thread
especially numbers 1,2,9.14,15 and 26
A Magnificant lengthy concert that I noted was 2 hours 10 minutes from start to finish