I have already suggested that you utilise Google's image
finding search to find a Gord pic
that takes your fancy. But I rather hope you will think of something unusual.
It might be that your abiding and all consuming passion is collecting say antique or
Victorian (underbed) chamber (piss) pots you will obviously like to link to and display a fine example such as this beauty
Or if you are as the corfid poster going by the name of "stationmaster" claims to be
a "Toilet Distributor" you might like to show a fine old loo...
Victorian Rose splendor The Closet of the Century' by George Jennings & Co., Lambeth, London. 1900
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OTHER IDEAS (Please hover over each picture to see a caption)
My time is very much taken up with computers which thankfully are now vastly superior to my very
first one the incredible sinclair ZX80
From the Spectification
NEC 780-1 processor chip...a copy of the well known and very successfull Z80. This CPU, running at a stupendous 3.5 MHz was mated to a capacious 4K byte ROM which held the BASIC interpreter, operating system, character set and editor. Memory why this was a gigantic 1K static RAM, expandable to 16K but bear in mind that all programes were stored on and loaded from standard audio casettes
a 1980 Sinclair ZX80
I still proudly own my example bought as a kit for 79.95 and assembled one Friday evening after work It ran first time no problem
read the UK press advert at
UK Advert YOUR FAVO(U)RITE THINGS or people??
  • Such as paintings:-
    The Fighting Temeraire by J.M.W. Turner 1838To give painless light :   roberto sebastian matta echaurren (1955)
  • cars:-
    1967_Lamborghini_Marzal_by_Bertone Nissan S-Cargo linited production delivery van
  • Film Stars:-
    Julie Christie
  • your home town or a local view:-
    Sherborne Dorset England-The Abbey (founded in 998)He was a big man yesterday-the Cerne Giant
  • Places you have visited
    Smuggler's Cove on the Greek island of Zakynthos a.k.a. zante Minoan Snake Goddess 1700 BC found at the palace of Knossos Crete
    The Palace at Knossos is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited
    reconstruction of what this immense palace  probablylooked like
    Of particular interst to the "Stationmaster"...
    One interesting original produced by the Cretan palace of Knossos was a running water sanitation system - the first "flushing" toilet in the world.
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    My own ringmaster's page
    a small gallery that needs extending... soon!!
    Wayne francis' Lightfoot Internet Companion
    Many interesting pictures are hidden away on this site
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