Gordon Lightfoot Newsgroup History 
I had composed the following basically as a reply to a short posting on the Newsgroup alt.music.lightfoot
A 5-year archive of this newsgroup
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the posting had said:- On Jun 29, 4:55 pm, Dan wrote:
"Google bought DejaNews."
I ampersonally very interested in the history of the Newsgroup, mainly since it was an announcement about the then new Lightfoot chat room
that caught my eye in 1999 and which in turn led to me meeting my future wife and life saver Susan
I therefore researched and composed what became a lengthy and detailed response that was apparently too long for the Newsgroup
to accept.So rather than waste my efforts I decided to adapt what I had written as this web page
I recall that certainly Dejanews was the source of some if not all threads on alt.music.lightfoot when I first discovered the newsgroup back in 1997
My very first posting in reply to somebody named (improbably) Jenney is at:-
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but later in 1999 it was taken over by remarq.com. searching for that name I found an early posting by someone else improbably
named "Char" at:-
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one replier was a fan with another unlikely name:-
Florian Bodenseher
who made very few newsgroup postings by far the most important was on September 20th 1999 announced his own website
This was at This Newsgroup thread and said
"I set up a Gordon Lightfoot website and I hope it will attract new fans to the music of Gordon Lightfoot as well as benefit current fans.
The website includes lyrics to all songs, a discussion forum, a quiz, tour dates, a collection of press articles and more...
The url is: www.corfid.com
I kindly ask all of you to participate in the interactive sections of the website, like submitting new questions for the quiz, telling us of misheard lyrics etc.
I know that many posters in this newsgroups are experts about Gordon Lightfoot and his work, so please support me to keep this website helpful, entertaining and resourceful to Gordon Lightfoot fans.
-Florian Bodenseher
-- 'Freedom's just another word / For nothin' left to lose'
Check out this new Gordon Lightfoot Homepage!
~~~ www.corfid.com ~~~
All lyrics, discussion forum, tour dates, press articles and more..

Since then Florian has posted extremely rarely on his creation, leading many to believe that he does not exist and even that the very active snd prolific corfid moderator Char(lene)'s real name must be 'Charlene Florian'
in 2008 she was able to dine out in Toronto with the elusive man and his mother and Char wrote a report and uploaded a photo of herself with him

In his earlier posting on September 2nd 1999 that same fan then known as "Corfid" presented what I thought was a most perceptive impression of the story behind "Same Old Obsession" to a thread subject "That same old obsession" which is at:-
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Corfid's response is at:
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Wayne Francis had started that Usenet newsgroup in November 1994
see his announcement on another newsgroup at:-
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For a very long time Wayne progressively honed a series of detailed Lightfoot FAQ pages as Newsgroup threads
As an example here is Wayne's FAQ Index from January 1997
' It is also well worth reading a posting Wayne made in 1997 that had as the subject:-
Who Am I? (was - Who Is Wayne Francis?) at:-
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in which Wayne responded to a question from Bill Weitz:-
"Who are you Wayne, and how do you know what you know, and how come you don't have a GL page on the net?"
His detailed response included paying tribute to Matthew Fifer's then existing pioneering GL website
One of many Archived copies of which, from 2001, is at:-
Matt's old site
Wayne did conclude:-
"That being said, I have for some time now been conceptualizing my own Lightfoot page and hope to put those ideas into motion
within the year. It will in no way be in competition with the existing site, but will hopefully be sufficiently different in content and style to stand alone on its own merits.
and of course rather more than his predicted "year" later in 1999 Wayne's cornucopia at:-
Wayne's Internet Companion was launched which is basically Wayne's Newsgroup FAQs formulated into a web site
initially at least and as Wayne still acknowledges at the bottom of his main page
"Created and maintained by Wayne Francis. Design by Bill Weiss."
Anyway to return to Arnold 's main question (in the Newsgroup thread that I referenced at the start of this page subject "A 5-year archive of this newsgroup"):-
"But in case they don't, is there a software program that will automatically download and store an entire newsgroup? I'd like to
archive this and a few others for posterity...and of course no one has the time to download the posts one-by-one."
once upon a time I could get Internet Exploder's built in Outlook Express to list newsgroups and after updating then whatever
threads were available were in fact automatically saved on my hard drive as a file alt.music.lightfoot.dbx
in a folder called funnily enough "outlook express"
I have one such collection from september 2005 archived on my external hard drive as a 1.98MB file but my PC cannot seem
to open it right now.But there is a basically empty "outlook" folder on my main hard drive in the subfolder of my "master" user
collection at:-
C:\Documents and Settings\01-Master\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
what is "01-master" all about?? I hear you asking
Well I have some 15 "users" on my computer each with their own desktop to avoid my usual main desktop's clutter That way I can
easily save everything to 01-Master then cut and copy/paste it to an individual user's desktop when I get a moment to spare or
the master desktop has spilled off the edge of my widescreen monitor!!
Other users include such useful ones as:-
"C:\Documents and Settings\02-Gordon Lightfoot\Desktop"
"C:\Documents and Settings\07-Tutorials & Tips\Desktop"
plus multi purpose users like
"C:\Documents and Settings\12-Project 1\Desktop"
the 15th is optimistically called
"C:\Documents and Settings\15-Temporary Park\Desktop"
I have created shortcuts to each "user's desktop which are conveniently in a folder called "desktops" in my master favorites list that
is accessible form either Windows or Internet Explorer (because both Explorers use essentially the same engine didn't you know)
What I do not know is if the larger Microsoft Outlook full program can be used for this purpose.