easytree artwork index of 9 sets

when that page opens click on the artist selection tab
then use the Please select an artist: drop down box
and scroll down to the "L" section to find Lightfoot,Gordon (9)

and you should see a number of thumbnails and links to the full sized versions,
Please note that to keep loading timesfor this page to a minimum all of the artwork files have been resized to a uniform 800 pixels wide
he full sized files sizes in both pixels and bytes may be seen if you hover
your mouse over the 800 wide pictures below
Ther original full sized versions presumably print out at the correct size
for use as CD jewel case inserts
You can if you wish ignore the last one where the compiler has cleverly combined
two early concerts by the Two Tones and Gordon solo!! However the claimed
total running time (75 minutes) does mean that these two concerts plus the Two
Tones single Lessons in Love/Pretty Polly should fit on a single 80 minute CD-R
  1. Warner Bros

    Warner Bros booklet
    full size 712x712  174KB
    Warner Bros Inlay
    full size885x699
  2. Skip Weshner 1968-1970

    Skip Weshner 1968-1970 booklet
    full size 1890x945 325KB
    Skip Weshner 1968-1970 inlay card Full Size  1181x923 301KB
  3. Skip's 1968 Party

    1968 Party booklet
    Full Size 1890x945 376KB
    skip's 1968 Party inlay card
    Full Size 1181x923 364KB

  4. skip 9-08-69

    1969 booklet
    Full Size 1890x945 325KB

    1969 Inlay
    Full Size 1181x923 301KB
  5. PBS Chicago

    PBS Chicago booklet
    Full Size 2822x1417 650KB|
    PBS Chicago booklet inside
    Full Size 2835x1400 860KB
    PBS Chicago inlay card
    Full Size 1772x1394 402KB

    PBS Chicago label
    Full Size 1467x1468 137KB
  6. Montreux

    Montreux booklet
    Full Size 2835X1416 1820KB
    Montreux inlay card
    Full Size 1772x1394 1387KB
    Montreux label
    Full Size 937x937 374KB
  7. 1977 World Hunger

    World Hunger booklet
      Full Size 712x712 222KB

    World Hunger Inlay
    Full Size 886x699
  8. May 2005 Massey Hall

    Massey Hall disk1
    Full Size 1425x713 484KB
    Massey Hall disk2
    Full Size 1425x713 493
  9. Two Tones and La Cave Live

    Full Size 2860x1417 174KB
    Full Size 2868x1392 938KB
    Full Size 1499x1484 231KB