Useful Features of AOL IM
  1. Instant File Transfer
    Only available if you have installed AOL IM
    Not a feature of the IM that comes with the AOL browser
    If you don't understand that go back and reread the note at the top of the previous page!!
    Don't ask me why just pester AOL!
    To me it is all quite ridiculous
    click on the "People" tab
    then "send buddy a File"
    "send file" from the file menu of the chat block
    choose the folder where required file is stored then
    select file to send
  2. Saving a Chat session click on the "file menu
    select "Save"
  3. Reading AOL Mail while in chat
    "read Mail" on the MyAIM menu
  4. Putting up an "Away message"
    "away message" on MyAIM menu
  5. Using a microphone to make your PC into an expensive international telephone
    attach a microphone to your pc's sound card input
    and then clck on the little icon labelled "talk"
    then either pray or say repeatedly "Can you hear me now"!!