Downloading Installing and Setting up AOL Instant Messenger
Because AIM and the instant message system that comes with AOL might look
similar and perform some of the same functions but they are different programs.
The main difference seems to be that AOL's instant message program does not have
the file transfer option. Only AIM has it. Remember, AIM and the Instant
message system that comes with AOL are not the same thing. They only interact
with each other, but are in fact different programs.
I you attempt to send files to a buddy who is not running the full AIM
you will be told that "...'s" software does not support file transfer" or some such rubbish
  1. go to
    AOL page for both upgrade and new users
    if you have already got an aol screenname click the upgrade button
    else you wil find as I did that the name you want has already been registered
    AOL IM Download Page
    download the latest version 5.1 the file is install_AIM.exe
    it is a mere 2,600,960 bytes so unless you have a high speed connection go and make a cup of coffee while it downloads
  2. click on the saved filename to install
  3. you will get a little yelow man on your taskbar
  4. click on him to start AIM
    A "buddy" box will appear
    click the add buddy icon at lower left to enter
    any the screenname of any AOL users you are already aware of
    generally if their e-mail address is
    their AOL IM screenname will be "yourfriend"
    if in doubt ask!!
  5. Some useful Features of AOL Instant Messenger