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Note the advertising medley now playing was "lifted" from the web site of Douglas Kirk a.k.a. Plumbguru2.Thanks Doug
This jingle refers to the April 19th 2001 concert at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
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older pictures What in hell was that?! A Missing signboard in Orillia in 1996
Live in Reno 2000 video sleeve Live in Reno
pictures of Gordon Gordon at Massey Hall November 1999 gordon at Massey Hall November 1999
On Stage-welcome May 2001 The Band May 2001
The "Canary Yellow Canoe" First Convention November 1999 The Lightheads invade Orilllia The Ramp for the Ferry  To Christian Island
Doug Kirk and the infamous winning "bitter green" Trivia Quiz team A suitably clad conference delegate
The "A Painter Passing Through"Second Convention May 2001 A true Brit Lighthead Lightheads backstage
Ah that splendid time of anticipation before the concert begins! One of Derek's Australian pals
A Brave Moumntaineer?? A super cake in the convention's theme A Very Happy Group Outside Massey Hall
They really are such good friends!