April 2nd 2004 Setting up a New mIRC Link
  1. start mIRC

  2. click "continue"

  3. click the sun icon next to the connect to server button

  4. click "add"

    PLEASE NOTE:-I apologise for a very stupid error that I made when originally setting this up. I typed the new server name as dialexnet.net and that is what the original screenshot showed: the correct name is dilexnet.net as now shown above
  5. Then enter a suitable description and the server reference as shown above
  6. click "OK"
  7. wait for room to start loading
    If this is your initial mIRC setting up you will get a list of existing favorites
  8. click "add"
  9. enter #gordonlightfootchat as shown below
  10. click "OK"
  11. Now scroll down until you see your newly added channel
  12. delete all the superfluous channels above #gordonlightfootchat so that it is top of the list

  13. Finally and if necessary click "Join"
  14. You should now have a chat screen with at the very top the mIRC logo then
    mIRC followed by the channel name and the number of chatters in parentheses