Benefits and features of mIRC by Erica
A comparison of using the "standard" Java chat accessed via a hyperlink with the mIRC chat client method

The following provides a sampling of some of the features and benefits of mIRC.
While not a comprehensive list of all mIRC funtions, it attempts to give an overview of some of the major highlights.
mIRC is one of the best, if not the best chat program around.
Some folks might initially be hesitant to use it because they feel intimidated by having to download, set up and learn their way around a new program.
However, let me assure you that the step by step instructions on the mIRC website are particularly easy to follow
Alternatively for more in depth yet still easy to follow illustrated instructions follow the steps on the
Setting Up mIRC Page
Either way you should find that mIRC can be set up quickly, with very little difficulty.
Most people access the Gordon Lightfoot chat room through a Java based browser window via a hyperlink.
Although the browser window might seem easier at first, since its just a click away, I believe that mIRC is far superior and I use it exclusively to access the Friday night Gord Chats.
Below are several reasons you might want to consider using mIRC as your prefered method of chat