Chat Room Details
At present there are 2 chat rooms
  1. The Yahoo Group Chat Room
    But a number of us have been unable to enter that room recently
    The regular chat session there is every Tuesday at 9 pm (2 a.m. GMT)
    It is now typing only
    An alternative is held every Friday Evening at 9 p.m. EST (2 a.m. GMT) in
  2. Rik's old Chat Room
    or this Also a fledgling Room that the Ringmaster is working on slowly
    John's Chat Room In order to fully utilise Rooms 2 and 3 it is highly advantageous to download mIRC
    Alternatively you can try the excellent AOL Instant Messenger
    free program Click here for details of obtaining and setting up mIRC and AOL IM
    mIRC and AIM