Downloading, Installing and Setting up mIRC
Revised and consolidated on October 29th 2004 to show the latest configuration
First of all why bother with all of this??
  • Why it is better to use mIRC go to
  • mIRC Download Page
    download the very latest version 6.16 issued 7 July 2004 the file is mirc616.exe
    it is a mere 1,302,528 bytes so it won't take long to download
    and will fit on a standard floppy disc
  • click on the saved filename to install
  • I found that mIRC is not available for MACs. Now what do I do??
    Yes there are MAC IRC clients click that link
  • If you get stuck go to the mIRC Install Help page
  • go along with all destination etc options
  • installation options refers really to future upgrading so leave all checked as is
  • Check start-programs the newest bottom item should now be "mirc"
  • hover mouse over the word mirc
    on the pop=out submenuclick the mirc icon
    up pops an introduction page with a picture of the author

    one Khaled Mardam-Bey of London, England
    There used to be a scrolling legend to tell you that you have an unlicensed copy
    whether you register and pay him the requested $ nominally $20 is really up to you
    or get this!!".It used to say however, "mIRC costs US$20.00 choose a
    different amount below based on what you can afford,
    if you wish" a selection box suggests $10 $20 $30 $40!!"
    Now it simply informs you how many evaluation days you have left
    However it seems to be up to you and your conscience really
  • Officially you have 30 days to evaluate it
    But it appears to work for ever inlicensed
    although you will have to put up with the registration block
    every time you henceforth open mIRC
  • click "continue"

  • click the sun icon next to the connect to server button

  • click "add"

  • Then enter a suitable description and the server reference as shown above
  • click "OK"
  • wait for room to start loading
    If this is your initial mIRC setting up you will get a list of existing favorites
  • click "add"
  • enter #gordonlightfootchat as shown below
  • click "OK"
  • Now scroll down until you see your newly added channel
  • delete all the superfluous channels above #gordonlightfootchat so that it is top of the list

  • Finally and if necessary click "Join"
  • You should now have a chat screen with at the very top the mIRC logo then
    mIRC followed by the channel name and the number of chatters in parentheses
  • chat room should then open fully
    The screenshot above shows the room after I had entered using three of the 4 methods described above