CD1 Tracks
  1. Auld Lang Syne
  2. Day Before Yesterday
  3. Divorce Country Style
  4. Face of a Thousand People
  5. Hail Hero
  6. Two Crazy Kids
  7. My Love for You
  8. Partners
  9. Ballad in Plain D
  10. Pleasures of the Night
  11. Tennessee Stud
  12. Early Morning Rain
  13. Sixteen Miles
  14. Everybody Get Together
  15. Echoes of Heroes
  16. Long River
  17. Song of the Groundhog
  18. Turn Turn Turn
  19. The Auctioneer
  20. Farewell Nova Scotia
  21. Ribbon of Darkness
  22. Gossip Calypso
  23. The Way I Feel
  24. Steel Rail Blues
  25. For Lovin' Me
CD2 Tracks
  1. Remember Me
  2. Daisy Doo
  3. Adious Adious
  4. Is My Baby Blue Tonight
  5. Sleep Little Jane
  6. Long Haired Woman
  7. It's Too Late He Wins
  8. Take Care of Yourself
  9. This is My Song
  10. Negotiations
  11. Harbour Le Cou
  12. The Auctioneer
  13. Betty Mae's a Good Time Gal
  14. Long River Flows
  15. Turn Turn Turn
  16. Cod Liver Oil
  17. Triangle
  18. Corner of the House
  19. Blackberry Wine
  20. Make Way for the Lady
  21. Canadian Railroad Trilogy
The artwork supplied with this compilation includes a "booklet inner"
which details the rough provenance of each track

Those notes state for CD1 "1-11 Unreleased songs,early 60's"

This is a considerable simplificatiom of the facts!!
My fuller explanation of them all follows:-

  1. "Auld Lang Syne" sung by Gord on the CBC Television show welcoming in the New Year in January 1999 (i.e. a long way from the "early 60's"!
  2. "Day Before Yesterday" A rare UK single release (originally issiued in 1962 on the Canadian Chateau label)

  3. "Divorce Country Style" One of a number of unreleased songs featured on the bootleg recording of the abortive
    March 1974 Massey hall concert live album project
  4. "Face of a Thousand People" In my opinion and Ron Jones in Vancouver this is possibly the very best of many known and available:
    unreleased songs.I have a personal involvement with this particular recording
    in March 1968 I WAS LIVING in Montreal and,already a Lightfoot fan,I was able to watch live on my television set a quite splendid and rare special on CBC Television

    However I only had a very basic cheap, battery powered, reel-to-reel tape rceorder which as far as I remember had its
    microphone propped up in front of the TV set loudspeakers.
    I recorded part of the show fortunately including "Face" as did Ron Jones.I have heard his recording which is
    hugely inferior to mine. In 1997 I traded with a Canadian fan and let him have copies on cassette of several
    unique audio items I had including this off-TV recording in exchange for a pair of 2-hour video tapes. I know that several of "my" items he then trsded on and it would appear that my own "Face" recording ended up in the hands of whoever compiled this "Remember Me" set
  5. "Hail Hero" is copied from the film soundtrack of the late 60's movie, Hail Hero, starring Michael Douglas
  6. "Two Crazy Kids" is a song that Gordon was performing live in 1982
  7. "My Love for You",recorded in 1980, is taken from the soundtrack of Gord's only major film role as Marshall Morrie Nathan in Harry Tracey
  8. "Partners" another from Massey 1974
  9. "Ballad in Plain D" a Bob Dylan song as wayne Francis says:- "After the first night's Rolling Thunder Revue concert in Toronto in 1975, Lightfoot invited the entire revue back to his house for a post-concert party. Dylan,
    who was making a film at the time, recorded Lightfoot singing 'Ballad In Plain D' in an upstairs bedroom." This recording apperas in that film(Renaldo and Clara) but there is only this very short clip available of Gord's rendition

    picture on an Italian Dylan site:-
  10. "Pleasures of the Night" from Massey 1974
  11. "Tennessee Stud" from Massey 1974
tracks 12-25 are listed as "Live at La Cave 1964"

(artwork I created for my own use)
I was particulaly impressed with the illuminated Tower City
shown in a photo I found taken by Lou Tremont

"La Cave" refers to a recording made in a wine bar in Cleveland Ohio where Gord had previously appeared in 1962
and the owner recorded a return performance on or about Saturday 8 May 1965 (it cannot have been the sometimes
quoted 1964 since Gord refers to Marty Robbins having been at number one "a couple of weeks ago" and Ribbon Of
Darkness indeed reached number 1 but on Saturday April 17th 1965) a copy of the complete recording was later
acquired by a Lightfoot fan in Cleveland who sold a copy to a tax shelter company "Koala Records"
  1. "Early Morning Rain"
  2. "Sixteen Miles"
  3. "Everybody Get Together"
  4. "Echoes of Heroes"
  5. "Long River"
  6. "Song of the Groundhog"
  7. "Turn Turn Turn"
  8. "The Auctioneer"
  9. "Farewell Nova Scotia"
  10. "Ribbon of Darkness"
  11. "Gossip Calypso"
  12. "The Way I Feel"
"Koala Records" used 9 of these and added a few non-Lightfoot tracks for padding then issued a pair of bootleg
albums in 1979

Yellow Bird has
6 La Cave plus 3 non GL

Get Togther has
3 La Cave plus 3 non GL
Whilst there are 2 more tracks attributed to the La Cave recording on Get Together
I have it on good authority from the Cleveland fan that he did not actually include them on the tape he passed to
Koala so they may have added the originals from the Lightfoot album (with fake audience sounds added)
  1. "Steel Rail Blues"
  2. "For Lovin' Me"

The complete 10-track collection of 1962 Chateau label single record recordings issued (without Gordon's
approval) in 1971 on the AME label

  1. Remember Me
  2. Daisy Doo
  3. Adious Adious
  4. Is My Baby Blue Tonight
  5. Sleep Little Jane
  6. Long Haired Woman
  7. It's Too Late He Wins
  8. Take Care of Yourself
  9. This is My Song
  10. Negotiations
The following 6 tracks are from a limited circulation compilation from 1964
to promote Canadian Talent:-
  1. Harbour Le Cou
  2. The Auctioneer
  3. Betty Mae's a Good Time Gal
  4. Long River Flows
  5. Turn Turn Turn
  6. Cod Liver Oil
and finally four tracks taken from a very well recorded bootleg made at a 2000 concert in Lincoln Nebraska

  1. Triangle
  2. Corner of the House
  3. Blackberry Wine
  4. Make Way for the Lady
  5. Canadian Railroad Trilogy
This is one of the two available "bootleg" recordings of one of the three new songs Gord was featuring in concerts in
2000-2001 (live recordings from Massey May 2001 of the other two "Shellfish"and "The No Hotel" made it onto
2004's Harmony album).The third song which Gord referred to as "Nightime" he claimed to have written after his
young son had complained that 'none of Daddy's songs contained he word "pokemon"'.Nightime's lyrics also include
the expression "Corner of the House", hence the mistitling on both this and the Lincoln bootlegs