s Set List for Saturday 10 June 1972

Royal Albert Hall London,England
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  1. Patriot's Dream
  2. Summer Side of Life
  3. Alberta Bound
  4. Cotton Jenney
  5. Don Quixote
  6. If You Could Read My Mind
  7. Rock My World to Sleep
    that is a real rarity never recorded??
  8. The Last Time I saw her Face
  9. On Susan's Floor
  10. Black Day In July
  11. Ode To Big Blue
  12. The Auctioneer intermission
  13. Sit Down Young Stranger
  14. Christian Island
  15. Beautiful
  16. Bitter Green
  17. Pussywillows,Cattails
  18. 10 Degrees and Getting Colder
  19. Boss Man
  20. CRT
    After that if my memory serves me correctly the band left the stage
    When they returned Gord said
    "Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen
    We were coming back anyway"
    We then had 3 encore songs!!
  21. Me and Bobby Magee
  22. Miguel
  23. Early Morning Rain
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Red Shea guitar
Terry Clements guitar
Rick Haynes bass"