A note regarding mp3 quality

mp3 is "lossy" compression format meaning that in the process some of the original information is deleted
the higher the sampling rate the less the loss however.It is poosible to make reasonably sounding CDs from mp3s
sampled as low as 96KBPS. Purists demand compressed files using a "lossless" compression such as FLAC
However although both formats significantly reduce digital music file sizes, very much smaller files may be created using the
ubiquitous mp3 compression format at lower and lower sampling rates but although the result is subjective the general agreement seems to be that a sampling rate of 192KBPS is a good compromise Nevertheless the remaining information is suficient to make the perceived difference 8 high quality (192 KBPS = the higher of the two "CD quality" sampling rates as defined and described at:- teamcombooks where there is this table:-

or as expressed in comments amongst a discussion on:- a Canadian site
"192KB/s / 320KB/s Both are enjoyable, you might be able to discern very subtle difference
between 192KB/s and CD (256KB/s is considered the threshold of audibility), but you would be
extremely hard pressed to hear a difference between 320KB/s and CD"
It is all down to compromises!!
I have chosen 192 as being a sensible value to avoid huge files , causing extra upload
and download time for dial up users and I have to say that a favourite bootleg CD burnt from a
set of 96KBPS mp3s sounds pretty good to my (admittedly old) ears
It is really an extension of all the old Hi-Fidelity arguments!