Highlights of Massey Hall 2006
After a quick (under 9 hour) drive from New Jersey on Wednesday November
15th we, Susan,Joan and I arrived at The Delta Chelsea Hotel in good time to
meet our Lighthead friends next door at The Elephant and Castle UK style
public house. Char was there before us and had brought along one of the five
artists(Victoria Wallace) who were concurrently holding an exhibition of Lightfoot
inspired paintings. I was especially pleased to see Ron (Gord-clone) Jones at last
meet up with our good friend Ed Mullen who had initiated Ron into the internet

and I was delighted to notice that the pub was again featuring one of my favourite
British "Real Ales" Fuller's London Pride (on draught and served in proper 20
ounce UK imperial pint glasses:-

None of this namby-pamby 16 or 12 ounce "pint" nonsense!!
As a UK television commercial used to say:-
"It's what your right arm is for"
On the Friday morning after a very good first Massey Hall concert by Gordon
Lightfoot we visited the art exhibition where I noticed this little note explaining how the exhibition arose

The smaller writing at the bottom says "when his name was mentioned our conversation sparked and flared like pitchy kindling tossed on a campfire!- the sparks became this show" I saw many paintings that I particularly liked including this interpretation of by Victoria Wallace of
"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

and a pair of imaginative efforts by Nancy Anderson

Nancy's "shellfish"
her note alongside was thought provoking:-

Nancy's "River Of Light"
On the way back to Toronto we had a moment of drama on the Gardiner Expressway
A few minutes before I took this picture of notable Toronto landmark

The CN Tower
the traffic slowed
and we could see smoke ahead so I whipped out my camera and as we all know...

Where there is smoke

There is fire!
Tom who was driving sped by whilst the three of us pasengers
(me Deb "brink" and Richard the Miller ducked and prayed
as any moment the gas tank could have exploded
If you look carefully you might spot as I did at the time that the passenger door was open so hopefully the occupants got out
we arrived back at the hotel in time for the second planned "jam" session
which was most enjoyable and I will in due course upload some videos from the event
These will be on a new separate web page
A raffle had been organised to raise funds for the two hospitals who looked after Gordon in 2002
amongst the many prizes was an interesting clock made by Nanci Rosatti inspired by numbers in Gordon's songs"-
and a superb painting of Gord by Ron Jones' son Liam

At that evening's concert two notable gentlemen were sitting about rows behind me
  1. "His Holiness" (as Gord described him) Red Shea

    caption (just in case you can't read it as it is writ very small) onstage at Expo 67 in Montreal (left to right) Red Shea,Lightfoot (uncle!!)John Stockfish I was able to shake Red's hand during the interval, and tried to tell him that I had seen him
    playing with Gordon for the first time in 1967 after one such Expo 67 concert
  2. and The "Hawk"

    I was able to shake Ronnie's hand at the very end of the concert and could not resist asking him if he still had his famous
    "talking"(Rolls-Royce) Silver Cloud. Quick as a flash came what is probably a well-rehearsed retort:-
    "No it was repossessed"!!!
I will end this brief list of highlights with a report of an interesting occurrence at the end of the final concert on the Sunday:-
a picture I just managed to get at the end of that final (Sunday Concert).
I expect others have noticed that Gord sometimes omits to introduce his stalwart band during a concert and he forgot on that
Sunday. But after the encore Gord usually strolls on for a final bow, On Sunday he started walking back on from the right side wing
then stopped and went back to call the band on they trooped out after Gord and all 5 lined up to bow

A "Grand Finale"
Sorry but I missed snapping all 5 together but caught Terry just behind Barry with Mike and Rick walking off