Gordon Lightfoot in Concert
Monday May 18th 1981
Royal Albert Hall London

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Note these are high quality compressed audio files in the mp3 format encoded at a sampling rate of 192KB per second
The mp3 file size and running time is shown after each track's name
to download each mp3 right click its title and "'Save Target As"
Unrer each set of files are shown screenshots showing the files as loaded into the freeware audio CD burning program Burrrn (yes three "R"s)

click that link to download the 2.2MB file burrrn_package.exe


  1. Sea Of Tranquility 4.8MB 3:28
  2. Summertime Dream 4,87M 3;31
  3. Keeping On Yearning 6.63MB 4;04
  4. Hangdog Hotel Room 3.57MB 2;34
  5. Endless Wire 6.58MB 4:46
  6. In My Fashion 5.61MB 4:03
  7. Song For A Winter's Night 5.06MB 4:24
  8. The Last Time I Saw Her 8.20MB 5:56
  9. Ghosts Of Cape Horn 6.53MB 4:43
  10. Blackberry Wine 5.65MB 4:05
  11. Gotta Get Away 4.22MB 3:02
  12. On The High Seas 5.75MB 4:09
  13. Canary Yellow Canoe 8.07MB 5:50
CD1 Total Running Time 54 minutes 43 seconds


  1. Don Quixote 5.04MB 3:38
  2. If You Could Read My Mind 4.91MB 3:31
  3. 14 Karat Gold 4.63MB 3:20
  4. Race Among The Ruins 5.98MB 4:19
  5. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 8.55MB 6:12
  6. Sundown 4.76MB 3;26
  7. Carefree Highway 4.29MB 5:06
  8. Heaven Help The Devil May He Have A Few Unpleasant Memories 5.49MB 3:54
  9. The Auctioneer8.27MB 5;59
  10. Canadian Railroad Trilogy 11.7B 8:30
  11. Old Dan's Records 7.78MB 5:38
CD2 Total Running Time 51 minutes 41 seconds


Since I originally wrote this web page, (in which I recommended Express Burn because it can produce gapless CDs and for which I made screenshots),
I have discovered that by default Burrrn automatically makes gapless CDs so avoids messing about with the intertrack gap length setting as required by Express Burn.
However I will leave my Exress Burn spiel here as is in case you run into any problem using Burrrn (which will convert losslessly compressed mp3 or Lossless FLAC files to the necessary full Wav format before burning the CD)
Some CD burning programs have a setting to burn audio CDs with a minimum or zero gap, which then more closely simulates the concert experience. If your regular program cannot easily achieve this effect I am pleased to thoroughly recommend Express Burn: you can download a free version from:-
During or after adding the desired files or a complete folder Expess Burn will automatically convert them if necessary (and yes it can do so for losslessly compressed FLAC files as well as mp3s) Then after pressing the prominent Burn Audio CD button a popup will allow you to select
"Burn Session At Once to customise pause" and if that pause is then set to zero the resultant CD will have hardly any perceptable gaps between the tracks whilst stll having them individually selectable


Recorded on a small handheld and battery powered Panasonic Cassette Tape Recorder on a C120 120 minute capacity cassette using the built in microphone intended for basic dictation
The output fom another cassette player was fed into my computer's line in and digitised to full wav format audio files by MusicMatch (the first ever Windows program that I bought in 1999)
No subsequent editing has been attempted yet but the start of track 1 requires some fettling and as it is obviously only a monaural recording efforts at creating faux stereo might well improve the sound.At the start of track my friend's wife(sitting next to me) says with a sense of disbelief "he sounds just like on the record" Our seats were probably about 60 feet from the stage on the left as you look at it and whilst the various calling outs from the audience come over clear and loud the inter track banter by Gord is hard to catch.