Sept. 13, 1987
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the following notes are by Wayne Francis

Recorded live at Folkworks in New York, Lightfoot headlined a benefit
that also included Tom Rush and Bonnie Koloc, among others on the program.
Lightfoot was backed by Terry Clements on acoustic guitar and Rick Haynes on bass. Mike and Barry had the day off.
he show took place during a brief break in the yearlong
East Of Midnight tour.........
NOTE: these are mp3 files encoded at a bitrate of 192KBPS which is quite high quality
Right Click on track title then "Save Target As"
track times and file size follows each track title
The set went like this:-
  1. Introduction by Pete Fornatali 0:56 1064960 bytes
  2. Spanish Moss/Shadows 5:51 7327744 bytes
  3. The Last Time I Saw Her Face 4:05 5926912 bytes
  4. I'll Tag Along 3:08 4550656 bytes
    Next a very acoustic version which compares well with the heavier orchestrated actual album title track
  5. East Of Midnight 4:25 6408192 bytes
  6. A Lesson In Love 4:07 5963776 bytes
  7. Morning Glory 3:29 5963776 bytes
  8. Christian Island 1:55 2811904 bytes
  9. Don Quixote 3:42 5371904 bytes
  10. If You Could Read My Mind 5:09 5371904 bytes
    The "Wreck" was given the unplugged treatment with just Lightfoot on 12-string, Terry on 6-string acoustic and Rick "plugged-in" on bass. An outstanding performance!
  11. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 6:44 9705472 bytes
  12. Outro/Finale 0:20 3538624 bytes

    Total Running Time:- 43:06