Cover Versions Of Gordon Lightfoot Songs
Amongst the ranks of fans("Lightheads") are a large number of talented musicians
some of these came together in 2001 inToronto and in 2003 after lengthy mutual rehearsing using emailed recordings
and a live voice capable chat room were able to perform as a Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Band for charity at an old folk music club
in Saratoga Springs NY. A pair of more ambitious concerts also featuring songs by other favo(u)rite singer/songwriters followed in 2003
and any chance for "jam" sessions around the United States is seized upon;-
The original LTB is featured on an extensive web site at:- Details of the Caffè Lena concerts
In addition some of these popular performers and others have their own websites featuring a variety of GL cover versions and some original compositions notably:-
Ed Mullen
Bill Hall
Cathy Cowette
All three have sample complete mp3s that you may easily download just click the "music" link on all three sites for download links
In addition an unexpected and very welcome newcomer has recently come on the scene but
Yves Savariaud
had the additional burden of only having previously heard bluegrass cover versions by Tony Rice
and those in a (to him) foreign language to boot
But undeterred he set to to translate a pair of Gord's songs into the language of love
and it is my plessure to be able to direct you to
Yves' initial and rushed recordings