Made In Chicago 1972
from Wayne Francis' website:-
In March 1973, Lightfoot taped the PBS program, "Made in Chicago."
This program eventually evolved in to the Soundstage series.
Lightfoot at this time was backed by Terry Clements and Rick Haynes, so it is a great document of the three-piece band in their prime.
Lightfoot was in tremendous voice on this occasion and the playing was very tight.
Songs performed were:
Don Quixote
Affair On 8th Avenue
If You Could Read My Mind
It's Worth Believing
You Are What I Am
Sit Down Young Stranger
Ten Degrees & Getting Colder
Boss Man
Early Morning Rain
Can't Depend On Love
Cotton Jenny
Old Dan's Records
The Patriot's Dream
Note the date Wayne quotes the actual month in 1973 yet some of the Artwork created by bootleggers erroneously shows 1972
there are in fact 3 sets of bootleg artwork
  1. the "1972" set is the most useful:-
    Particularly as it includes the three "bonus" tracks from the EP "Movin'" (a CNR commercial that Gord narrated)

    these show the incorrect year
    1A I have pasted 1973 over the 1972:-

  2. this pair often used on ebay auctions for a misnamed "Import" CD
    Whilst attractive they are far too small (even after enlarging from the originals) (and not clear enough)to be useful

  3. and the third set shows on the back inlay a pair of "introduction" tracks separately from the actual songs (not as on the CD I
    received and omits the bonus tracks)
    Click to see the original full sized picture

    However the front or booklet is nice
    Click to see the original full sized picture

    as is the inner spread from a 4-page booklet
    Click to see the original full sized picture

    And may be combined if desired with the front to create a foldable single sheet 4 page brochure:-
    Click to see the original full sized picture

  4. There is also a CD label:-
    Click to see the original full sized picture

OK now for the goods:-
Right click each of the following mp3 links then "save target as"
To get the complete set of 18 high quality (192 KBPS = the higher of the two "CD quality" sampling rates as defined and described at:- teamcombooks
(actually an archived page copy from 2006 courtesy of the's Wayback Machine)
where there is this table:_

or as expressed in comments amongst a discussion on:- a Canadian site
"192KB/s / 320KB/s Both are enjoyable, you might be able to discern very subtle difference
between 192KB/s and CD (256KB/s is considered the threshold of audibility), but you would be
extremely hard pressed to hear a difference between 320KB/s and CD"
It is all down to compromises!!
I have chosen 192 as being a sensible value to avoid huge files , causing extra upload
and download time for dial up users and I have to say that a favourite bootleg CD burnt from a
set of 96KBPS mp3s sounds pretty good to my (admittedly old) ears
It is really an extension of all the old Hi-Fidelity arguments!

file sizes in kilobytes and track running times are shown after track name
  1. Don Quixote 5128 KB 3:38
  2. Affair On Eighth Avenue 5283 KB 3:45
  3. If You Could Read My Mind 6378 KB 4:32
  4. It's Worth Believin' 4731 KB 3:21
  5. You Are What I Am 3463 KB 2:27
  6. Beautiful 4593 KB 3:15
  7. Sit Down Young Stranger 5048 KB 3:35
  8. 10 Degrees And Getting Colder 3787 KB 2:41
  9. softly 3606 KB 2:33
  10. Boss Man 3473 KB 2:28
  11. Early Morning Rain 5142 KB 3:39
  12. Can't Depend On Love 3871 KB 2:45
  13. Cotton Jenny 4337 KB 3:04
  14. Old Dan's Records 3898 KB 2:46
  15. The Patriot's Dream 7532 KB 5:21

Bonus tracks from the CNR promotional film Movin'

  1. Movin' 3627 KB 2:34
  2. Talking Freight 2127 KB 1:30
  3. Steel Rail Blues 3836 KB 2:43